Sonia Nicolucci


Sonia Nicolucci, BsC., MA.- Athletes Physical and Mental Game
After working the field of Nutrition for some time, my focus and priority turned to my family. Being a new mom in a world filled with advice and skepticism, I decided to attend my first parenting seminar. Seeing and experiencing hands on how Adlerian-based parenting was making a difference in my growing family of now three boys, I decided to become a Certified Parent Educator. I completed the certification process through the Positive Discipline Association, which allows me to facilitate seminars for parents and teachers as a Certified Parent Educator and Certified Positive Discipline Facilitator in the Classroom.

Combining my certification through Positive Discipline, and becoming a Professional Life Coach, has allowed me not only to support and coach individuals on their family life but also in their careers. People are often trying to balance both aspects of their lives, and I am honored to provide assistance in their journey.