Jeff Taylor


Jeff Taylor is a Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE). He currently works as a police officer in the Major Crimes Branch of the Windsor Police Service.

Jeff was instrumental in the development and implementation of the computer forensic unit of the Windsor Police Service’s Investigative Analysis Branch. For the last several years, Jeff was specifically working with Ontario’s Provincial Strategy to Protect Children From Sexual Abuse and Exploitation On The Internet as a Child-Victim Forensic Analysis Investigator.
Topic: Social media safety and more

Online safety – posting too much personal information, online predators (who they are, who they target, and how they work), online challenges.

Technology addiction and why is important to set limits.

Social Media anxiety – what it is and how to remember it’s not always about the “likes”

Sexting / Child pornography – potential consequences on reputation & possible legal consequences.

Cyberbullying & hateful posting – why is so easy, why it is so serious and what to do if you see it.

Your digital reputation and who is looking? (colleges, scholarships, coaches, employers, etc.) .

Digital Trails & More