Jayce Carver

jayce-carverJayce Carver is the co-founder and Executive Director of Windsor-Essex Transgender and Allied Support.

Jayce, along with a carefully chosen team of like-minded community activists, is working to enhance and sustain the health and well-being of transgender, gender-queer, Two Spirit, gender-non-binary, and gender-questioning communities and their families.

Through evidence-based activities, programming, and services that create and build community on a platform of empowerment, Jayce focuses on the provision of essential resources and advocacy work that recognizes and honours the importance of peer-led programming.

With a focus on human rights, Jayce embraces, promotes and supports the diversity of a marginalized population. These contributions are bringing about a reduction in isolation of Trans* individuals, creating community and visibility of Trans*individuals, and providing tailored supports in our community from a person-centered perspective that relies on strong partnerships with other community agencies.

Carver works to enhance and sustain the health and well-being of transgender, gender queer, two spirited, gender non-binary, and gender questioning communities, by providing programs and support services. She is on the board of Windsor Pride, City of Windsor Diversity and Adult Protection Services.

Topic : Sexual orientation and gender identity

  • What coming out means for teens today
  • What the statistics are like today
  • What services and supports are available locally for youth and families
  • How parents can best support their LGBT children.

We can use that to transition into how to support a youth from another family who is experiencing abuse or rejection from their families, and talk about the law in Ontario today (e.g., it is considered abuse to refuse to allow your child to live in their gender, Trans youth have a right to accommodation in school, kids are human and thus have human rights).

Then we would open up for questions.